MWVM – Had Yr Pash

MWVM – Had Yr Pash

Drone, Post rock

Label – Silber records

1 Upper
2 An Airbag Didn’t Save My Life
3 Mind The Gap
4 Trowelling
5 Gouranga
6 People For Working People
7 Wood For All
8 A Total Knew

Silber records released the second album for MWVM under the title ‘Had Yr Pash’, where as far as I am concerned at least, there is one remarkable achievement. I have written above that the two main genres in this album are Drone music and post rock, but the best parts are where Had Yr Pash gives birth to a strange synthesis between the two. I know very well that the combination between post rock and drones is nothing new, but in here the result is very different from a hyped post rock album that explores into the depth of friendly and safe drones. Instead, the various points of climax does not show a symbiosis between these two elements, but more of a parasitic relationships, where the drones sucks out the emotion and energy from what used to be angry guitar opuses.

So at these beautiful points, the guitars are almost gone, decayed and dissolved, while the emotion are now fueling the drones that remain as an musical residue. It’s really enchanting to hear this, and while the entire album offers a steady ride through the eight tracks, these points where the drone devours the rest of the music are like a beautiful, rare and passionate spots in the landscape.

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