Shiny black mater – Eat, drink and be merry


Shiny black mater – Eat, drink and be merry.

Neo folk, ambient

Label – Brave Mysteries

01 Eat, Drink and be Merry
02 Corrosive people _ Dwhera
03 Trough your tears
04 Le Volume De La Loi
05 Ekwos
06 The hole Deep in My Heart
07 L’instrument a Voyager
08 Something Sweet Hurts Me
09 Drunk Patriot
10 Never heard so Sweet
11 Qu’elle Est La Cause?

I have moved my beloved desk, with my computer on it, to a new position in the
house where I sit and write. To my right there is a wide window that is almost always
covered with curtains, and in front of me, behind the computer screen, there is an
empty white wall. This may change soon, but right now I was staring at this empty
wall as the eerie sound of an accordion on the track “Corrosive People” was infusing
the room with a distant nostalgic longing to a twisted afternoon of sleepy chanson
playing. Was I really missing the French sounding music solely because of the second
track on this album? Probably not, but on ‘Eat, Drink and be merry’ there’s a constant
feeling, both caressing and slightly intimidating dreamy state of mind that might
confuse the listener with many suggestive musical symbols. On that particular track
it was the wonderful accordion, on “Something Sweet to Hurt Me” it’s the repetitive
bass and the deep, low vocals, somnambulist to the point of deliriousness. Every track
has its own hook.

So I am staring at the white wall, and as the music develop and shift through these
short parts of the album. The blank void in front of me helps me focus on the and
immerse myself in the black matter that has also changed its shape, from a nostalgic
experiment into a nerve shredding, unsettling and ill bringing whisper like the one on
the track “Ekwos”. The next song, “The Hole Deep in My Heart” continues from the
breaking point where “Ekwos” stopped, and chants repeatedly and endlessly another
spell of confusion. Shiny Black Mater gives a wild ticket to a deep wonderland and
lures you away from the marked path of sensibility and into uncharted parts of the
psyche. The music is great, but the best part in this album is how it paints my white
wall with traces of visions that clears up for me as I drown in the music. Get this.

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