Ogni Videniy – Sounding Emptiness


Ogni Videniy – Sounding Emptiness

Dark Ambient

Label – Zhelezobeton Records

1 Scattered Embers
2 The Pass
3 Immersion
4 Sleeping pads on the Bottom
5 Ashes from the Tablecloth
6 Wollo
7 Empty Reflections
8 Sounding Emptiness

More than anything else, Ogni Videniy’s massive sounds offer a complicated mystery with their hollow, monumental structure. “Sounding Emptiness” might be a project aimed at musically discussing the void, but Videniy is successful in accurately describing this subject by amplifying and projecting this vision by the presentation of the contrast between emptiness and intensity. In these 62 minutes, the world grows dark indeed, heavy with the burden of massive sonic hammering. However, each of Videniy’s monumental structures contains a swarm of unsettling and surprising sounds within itself. In essence – the brilliant thing about ‘Sounding Emptiness’ is it’s hive-like structure, as long and eerie drones carry wild sonic vibrations on them.

Ogni Videniy’s sounds of emptiness are a powerful work, exploring this idea through a meditative method of slowly adding to, and intensifying this sonic experience. Listen to this album carefully and thoroughly, you will not be disappointed.

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