Umpio – Opium Electronix Vol. IV


Umpio – Opium Electronix Vol. IV

(Blackened) ambient, experimental

Label – Zhelezobeton

1 Circuito
2 Temperatura
3 Plomo
4 Terreno

There’s an important lesson we all need to learn from Umpio through their fourth Opium Electronix, and that lesson is that you don’t have to use cover art and track titles that yell “We’re dark!” in order to sound dark. Umpio carries its own musical aesthetics when creating these four tracks, essentially adding all up to 47 minutes of scorched, blackened and burnt out fumes slow drones and bleak atmospheric expansions. I don’t know about the conceptual intentions behind this album, but it seems like the fourth Opium Electronix conjures some pretty disturbing and unsettling spirits through the list of summoning contraptions, namely feedbacks, radio, electronics, ‘Reactor’ extractions and tapes. What does it sound like? That’s a tough question, but you can get a general picture if you take a heavy rake and drag it on some rusted down amplifiers, defiling sacred shamanic ground. Sounds good? Umpio does it even slower, meaner, more complex and much better. Don’t miss this one!

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