Thuoom – Resonant


Thuoom – Resonant

Forestelektro, psychedelic

Label – Textural Healing

1 Yarn
2 Caged
3 Glasses

Inside a very nice D.I.Y packaging there is a modest, but potent creation by Tuomo, whose stage name is Thuoom. After a long career in other genres of music, and a busy net label (Textural Healing) managing, ‘Resonant’ is actually a debut physical release for this incarnation of musical development through Tuomo’s hands.

Through various instruments such as guitars, wine glasses and alarm clocks, Thuoom creates an entire seelie court, dancing through vague percussion on glass and cavernous ambient halls. Thuoom gathers great compositions that bring together layered textures of sounds, rich and enlightening, and while this entire E.P (eighteen minutes long) is never threatening the listeners with hostile movements, each of the three tracks do challenge them with a vast electro acoustic world of almost spiritual phenomena.

Sensible and thoughtful, ‘Resonant’ proves to be a great work of sound sculpture by the veteran Thuoom. With the album being limited to 50 copies, I suggest you check this music up before it’s gone. You can check the netlabel as well. There are twelve other albums by this interesting artist.

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