Saffronkeira – A new life

Saffronkeira – A new life


Label – Denovali

Disc 1 – [Old Life]
1. Soliga
2. Symbiosi
3. Intrepidation
4. Ethan
5. Pregnancy
6. 8th months
7. Last days

Disc 2 – [New Life]
1. 111208
2. First denti
3. Psychologically destroying
4. 190305
5. Acceptance of mental disorder
6. Endless agony of being sick

This massive release, spreading over two cds and more than two hours, is the work of Eugenio Caria who stands behind the stage name – “Safronkeira”. In a very lucid and determined vision, Caria explores exotic textures and brings the findings to the caring hands of Denovali records, who in turn offer another interesting release. Sometimes hovering above the sea level of sound textures, and sometimes submerging far beneath it, there are clusters of intricate rhythms that vary from the warm sets of beats to the cold and more urban ones. Through these rhythms I feel the resurrection of a new living pattern. Perhaps that was the intent behind this double album, as it progresses from the beginning of “Soliga” further into the second Cd.

While I don’t like to break an album into a track by track textual presentation, especially on double albums, what I do think is important to mention is that there are many haunting and unsettling parts in these old and new lives, Parts that induce anxiety through irregular rhythm patterns and sinister sounds. In addition, there are also many enchanting moments of sublime awe. One of these moments is on the closing ‘Endless agony of being sick’, which illuminates the darkness of the hour in which I am writing these words with a very painful but heavenly voice, and even a soft, almost inaudible pulsing sound that might remind old Tangerine dream opuses. Caria has the talent to move swiftly from more minimal and cold compositions into epic, bleak and beautifully orchestrated ones smoothly, sometimes without us noticing, and it is a virtue we need to cherish, because the result is a dynamic album that creates one whole story instead of a compilation of selected ambient tracks.”A new life”, together with the ‘old life’ cd, is a powerful gaze into the pulsing life of Safronkeira. While certainly not easy to swallow, it gives the listener a challenging and satisfying run through Caria’s hall of smoke and mirrors.

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