North Atlantic Drift – monuments


North Atlantic Drift – monuments

Dream ambient, post rock

Label – Sound in Silence

1 Passing time
2 Monuments
3 Concrete oceans
4 Sandlab
5 I have never seen the light
6 Scholars of time Travel (part 2)
7 Sun Dial
8 So long as they fear us

North Atlantic Drift’s ‘Monuments’ begins like a confused (not in a bad way) dream that picks ideas and moods as if from exotic thoughts-parts of the brain. This is where persistent tribal percussions from the title track ‘Monuments’ march below the epic horns of the opening track ‘Passing Time’ and the calm seas of “Concrete Oceans” meet the grainy desert of “Sandlab”. This is not just a silly game of words that I play with the titles of the tracks. NAD knows well how to create vivid soundscapes and how to make them sound exactly like they need to sound.

NAD’s sounds are crystal clear and close enough to touch, both when they come in the abstract non form of glacier ambient loops and when they form touching melodic compositions. “Monuments” is a beautiful album, showing remarkable arrays of dreamy dreamlike structures of sound and heart. Dreams tend to end at the most surprising and frustrating parts of them, unfortunately, yet “Monuments” can be played over and over in order to keep us from ever waking up, which is not such a bad idea after all.

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