Murmer – Specular reflection (liquid solid redux 2000-2010)

Murmer – Specular reflection (liquid solid redux 2000-2010)


Label – Taalem records

1. liquid solid redux 2000-2010

I think that the most intense aspect that comes to mind while listening to Murmer is the tiny sound crashes that give the album an older feel. I strongly cling to it throughout the twenty minutes of this mini album, as it helps me gain confidence about my hearing and comprehension of the music that plays beneath these sharp needles of sound. How so?

Well, at first, the one track mini album might sound soft and caressing, but I personally think it actually goes in a different direction, as it shapes itself to match the decaying sounds of a traumatized ear. I remember the moments it takes the ear to regain its inner peace after being hit by an extremely loud sound; there is a slow, numbing process in which the ear regains its equilibrium, and Murmer seems, at least in my mind, to take that process and expand it into a twenty minutes odyssey of eerie, beautiful sounds that melt together into an abstract, gentle stream.

On this endless landscape, the cracks and crashes that disturb this homogenous, primordial soup become the subject of the dark matter in this specular reflection.

This deep, enchanting mini album is a fine release by the proficient Ta’alem label. I don’t know who this Murmer is, but I would certainly like to hear more from where this came from.

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