Nu depth – Sl4ve 2 †h3 r4v3

Nu depth – Sl4ve 2 †h3 r4v3

Label – Steak Au Zoo records


A1 2 much space
A2 anhedonia angel
A3 neophilia (feat. culttastic)
A4 sa†anizm ge†s more 1n†3rn3† hi†s
A5 care bear – t3eth (extreme animals rmx)
B1 take a walk (feat. richard simmonc)
B2 all silhouettes are ambiguous (feat. dustin wong)
B3 2 much space (reprise)
B4 lucky st✡r
B5 king shit – diamond black hearted boy

Youtube is like an endless chain reaction of conceptual explosions that can be found as bulks upon bulks of links under specific themes. Among cat videos, attempted home displays of some kind of a talent and selected cuts from every TV show ever made, there is the explosion of links to internet groups with four similar characteristics. One – They all are extremely saturated with colors. Two – They all provide a sticky (sometimes good, sometimes bad) mold of sounds that sometimes is haunting my inability to even comprehend what is coming out of my speakers and sometimes is just, well, dumb. Three – All of them have letters that are turned into crosses, black triangles, numbers and/or stars. Four – All of them have occult or satanic elements in them. Nu depth fits into these four categories and, armed with pictures that smear together filth, pain, iphones and colorful, tied up troll dolls, they have come to bring chaos into my poorly lit living room.

The ten tracks are all mind dazzling blends of smeared sounds, distorted rhythms and chaotic sampling. The results are sleazy to the extreme, and making it hard for me to decide whether the music is more fun or more painful (physically, not emotionally). The level-five twister smashes together house beats, glitch, IDM and industrial music, together with dreamy ambiance, right in my face. Whenever I ask for some air, Nu Depth just push it harder, and so in my imagined dialogue with this project I end up standing in awe against the infinite tentacles that this kraken is sending out at me as it shuffles sounds like a madman.

I think that the most notable role in this emerging genre of music is the dragging of the occult, which we think about as esoteric and hard to reach for, into the urban, consumer, internet oriented life, basing itself on colorful colors and iphone photography instead of grimoires and heavy robes. You can sit and decide whether this is good or bad, but in the meanwhile, these guys are having fun feeling the air with satanic pink and lemon lime.

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