Issue fourty one – June 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty one – June 1st 2014

When I was a student, we had a class with very charismatic and intelligent person. From him, among other lecturers in this college, we learned well about social criticism and it’s importance, and thanks to him I could dissect any movie or TV program and understand just how sick our society is. Later on I have become a teacher myself, in order to give highschool children the ability to see through the tempting visions of TV the the internet, and realize how the media controls them with a very sweet bait.

One day, this powerful lecturer has told us an intimate secret. He was being contacted in order to give write a section for a book that was being written, and in it there would not only be the important pointing at the places our society is sick the most, but also ways to correct these specific issues. “I couldn’t do it!” he told us. “I can write endlessly about what’s wrong, but I have no idea how to make it right!”

There, at that point, I saw impotence and emptiness in the disguise of all knowing power. That was five years ago, and today I am happy to know new people, and together with them I am able to make some change. This is progress in my eyes, and on every June, when I celebrate my birthday, I also think about the next year, and what it brings to us all.

This month, on CINYF! we have :

Death of a Dryad – S/T
Ensemble Economique – Melt into nothing
Lou Isis & Operation of the Sun – S/T
North Atlantic Drift / Northumbria – S/T
O – When plants turn into stones
The Jist – The Jist

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